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Harmonious Discord Recordings

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Harmonious Discord Recordings has been the purveyor of offbeat melodies for DJ’s and producers “in-the-know” for over 15 years.  Founded in 2001 by Moon Magnet productions front-men Sean Anderson, Brad Denton, and David Brown; HD’s aim has been to provide a musical outlet for artists that continue to defy convention at every opportunity.  Harmonious Discord’s name was devised to represent a collective rebellion against the sea of mediocre and brainless music polluting the airwaves.  Its motto “Cacophony at its Finest” displays the contrast of what some view as noise (or cacophony) and what others view as music.  The beauty of music is that it is subjective and the brilliance lies with the listener.  We have strived in our 15 year run to combine the innovative and legendary sounds of jazz and the new sounds of the tech revolution, which is represented in our logo (a martini glass w/ sprocket).

Originally a vinyl only media, Harmonious Discord has forged onward with digital releases that span multiple genre’s and showcase some of the most forward thinking artists in today’s electronic music landscape.  The label has developed a loyal fan-base of outward minded artists and dj’s that has helped propell many unknown artists to local and international praise.  Today, Harmonious Discord has a 45 release catalog that spans ambient, down-tempo, house, techno, and even drum and bass.  Artists like PointBender, JDN, Molecule/Dorian, Vegenaut, Josiah Fontenot, Jeff Scroggin, Vital, Patchen, Onium, Plastic Pope, and Driip have become household names around the HD camp while being partnered with many of the industries most prestigious players like Morgan Page, Brett Johnson, Arthur Oskan, Noah Pred, Deepchild, Jay Tripwire, Pezzner, and Alland Byallo.

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