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Fall 2018 Selections

Autumn brings a welcome chill to the air as 8DSync reveals another playlist of cool tunes! Top-hitters from Flunk, Monta At Odds, and Jay Bird open up this selection while diverse choices from San Mateo, George Grosman, John Philip Wilkins, and others will keep you on your toes. It's a playlist that we're especially proud of; our songwriters and producers are creating lots of distinctive, exceptional music highlighting extensive music-making experience and an ear for addictive melody. Dig in deeply to our selections for the fall, and be sure to stock up on firewood as the cold winds are on the horizon. 

Fall 2018 Selections


All songs are one stop through 8DSync for quick and easy licensing. Stems and instrumentals are often available. Please contact us for more recommendations from our catalog.

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  • 04:44
    Acclaimed Norwegian pop combo Flunk have collaborated with producer SKL for this pulsating, cinematic rework of their classic song "Queen Of The Underground." The vocals by Anja Øyen Vister are particularly affecting. Evokes: power struggles, dark nightclubs, hidden vices.
  • 03:47
    Rising California talent Jay Bird delivers another sunny electronic pop wonder with the delectable "Overboard." Introspective and uplifting, the track features catchy vocals, moving breakdowns, and musical builds that beautifully convey the song's optimism.
  • 04:09
    An ominous cut that would sound at home booming out of cars with dark, tinted windows or in the midst of a covert, late night operation. With touches of dubstep, this electric track builds in energy and emotional tension through its four minute run.
  • 04:53
    A bit of musical mysticism from Monta At Odds. This dreamy, synth-led indie cut wouldn't be out of place at a new age commune's indoctrination ceremony, or at the tail-end of Dr. David Bowman's mind-blowing revelations. Space is the place.
  • 05:31
    Channeling a groovy New-Order-produced-by-Arthur-Baker vibe, Ursula 1000 takes this summery track and transports back into the days of neon pink, sock ties, and gravity-defying hairstyles. The vocals remain an uplifting ear-worm, and the result is totally tubular.
  • 05:01
    Bell-like synths ring in the intro, noting a distant memory and deep introspection. A subdued four-on-the-floor rhythm and an Italo-style pulsating sequence drive the song forward as stirring melodies and warm pads add to the sense of something lost.
  • 04:06
    Ex-Postmarks member John P. Wilkins displays his melancholy guitar pop sensibility with this beautiful, shimmering instrumental. Not too far off from Yo La Tengo territory, the song lends itself to scenes of memory, lovers at play, pensive wandering, and restrained happiness.
  • 04:22
    Colombian producer Pho enlists Montañera for gorgeous vocals on this epic, moving ballad. The slow beat drives the tune as sparse but sparkling instrumentation serves to highlight the beautifully tearful melody and vocal performance.
  • 05:10
    An intoxicating throwback to vintage soundtracks and bachelor pad productions. Swirling strings, bell-like melodies, subtle, twangy guitars, springy percussion, and thoughtful piano combine in this nostalgic treat.
  • 05:23
    Talented guitarist George Grosman delivers a stripped-down blues number with provocative lyrics. Opening with George's voice and guitar, a rolling bass line, subdued jazzy drums, and a growling organ enter as the song's story unfolds.
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