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In this new video from Lifeproof Videos, check out professional surfers Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Kalle Carranza and Justin Machado as they embrace 'maximum chilo', the local belief of washing the bad vibes into the sea to live with the crabs. Shot in Mexico, the video features tons of beautiful scenery, great surfing footage, and, in the intro and outro, the music of Monta At Odds. Perhaps appropriately titled "Return Of The Gringo", this evocative track is taken off the band's 2008 album Gringo. You can listen to more tracks from Monta At Odds HERE.

Nude Nite is a annual event held in Orlando and Tampa that focuses on artistic nudes and it's the largest event of its kind in the country. Nude Nite brings together hundreds of artists for three evenings of visual art, performance, and a cast of characters both in costume and out. Before each new show a video teaser is created with highlights from the past year's event. This latest video features the lovely sound of E1sbar's "Du Jour" to accompany footage from the sensual festivity. As may be obvious, this video is probably not safe for work. You can listen to more tracks from E1sbar HERE and you can get more info on Nude Nite HERE.

ICARO Paragliders has used "Floating In The Clouds" by 8DSync artist Eros in their latest video, which was filmed in the wonderful scenery of Macedonia. The special way that the song has been edited to match the video – including a gusty breakdown just past the midsection – really makes this video come alive. Based here in Orlando, Eros is one of our busiest and most requested artists. Check out more of his available catalog HERE.

The emotional instrumental to JJ Bull's "121 Miles" is used in this great Burton Snowboards video. Professional boarder Kelly Clark talks about her preferred boards and gear as Bull's music sets a nostalgic-then-uplifting mood. JJ Bull is a folk-based artist from Scotland, and we love his distinctive and evocative style … be sure to listen to more of his compositions by clicking HERE.

Tom Appl's "Badibidab" is a deleriously upbeat earworm of a tune, and it makes a fine soundtrack for Vallarta Adventures' new video advertisement showcasing the tourism company's 'beach hideaway' at Las Caletas (once the private home of film director John Huston, as pointed out in the YouTube description). We're loving how the music drives the video and gives some enhanced expression to the gorgeous imagery. You can check out more songs by Tom Appl by clicking HERE.

In this stylish video, we go behind the scenes at Joie's Fall 2015 presentation during New York Fashion Week. The catchy tune in the video is "Du Jour" by our very own indie-pop act E1SBAR, taken from their debut release Super Fantasy on Polar Vortex Records. To hear more songs by E1SBAR check out their 8DSync artist page.

Our Wild Love (a trio made up of members from Plain Jane Automobile) have had their cool, rhythmic song "Money" used to acompany this web feature on world champion bicyclist Michal Kwiatkowski. Produced by Specialized Bicycles, the piece has Michal and his Etixx-Quick Step teammates reflecting on the monumental World Championships victory last season and what the 2015 season has in store. Check out more from Our Wild Love by clicking HERE.

For Marc Jacobs Videos, artist Stephen Powers visits Bookmarc Tokyo to paint murals along the facade and interior of the store. The music in the video is the instrumental to "Puzzle Pieces" by the Orlando-based producer Eros. Check out more music from Eros by clicking HERE.  

Cool Kansas CIty band Monta At Odds recent had their groovy tune "Faith" used in this video for Quiksilver Eyewear by Vuerich. We love the atmosphere and how it fits the visuals. We also kind of dig those sunglasses. Check out more music by Monta At Odds by clicking HERE. 

With a long history since his beginnings in the ‘90s Orlando breaks scene, the producer known as Eros (AKA Eric McGauley) busts forth with the four track Angel Eyes EP for the new 8DSync label. A DJ veteran of the fabled Zen Festival and the early days of the Ultra Music Festival, Eros has seen his tracks find their way onto Baby Anne’s mix series as well as labels like Caffeine, DJ Icey’s Zone, Bad Baby, and Magic Mike’s EA Records. The Angel Eyes EP shows Eros’ remarkable evolution beyond the breaks and into fully developed, genre defying electronic dance compositions. The bouncy melody and and half-time breakdowns of “Forces,” the electric breaks and dubstep touches of “Illuminate,” the lush, symphonic soundscapes of “Sugar and Spice,” and the uplifting energy of the title track all show Eros at his prime. It’s an ample taster for what’s yet to come; the prolific Eros promises many more forthcoming EPs as well as two very different artist albums, both presently finishing production. This release is available now on iTunes / Amazon / Beatport / Juno Download and other digital shops. To listen to Eros's Angel Eyes EP in its entirety, click HERE. 

Two songs, "Angel Eyes" and "I Want You To Know," from our prolific recording artist named Eros were used in this travel video by Roxy womenswear company. It showcases the Hawaiian island of Oahu which might help ease the winter doldrums for those in cooler climes. Check out more of Eros's cool music here: http://www.8dsync.com/#/artist/OTQ4MC1lZDcxYmI/

The fine song "Fuoco Infernale" by Kansas City combo Monta At Odds was recently used in this Quiksilver advertisement for their Premium Collection, licensed through 8DSync. Have a listen to other tunes available for licensing by Monta At Odds by clicking HERE. 

Patagonia loves Eros! They've used his track "Heal Each Other" once again, this time as background music in a promotional video for their new Capilene® 4 Expedition Weight One Piece Suit. Check out other songs from Eros available to license by clicking HERE.

Featuring the cool vocal of Solillaquists of Sound's Swamburger, the fun Beef Wellington track "Gonna Make It" provides the music for this video from Burton Snowboads. In the video, the young Kyle Mack shows off his moves, including double backflips, double corks, and double tail grabs. Check out other songs from Beef Wellington available to license by clicking HERE.

The instrumental to the song "Best Of Times" by 8DSync artist Steven Milne accompanies this video highlighting the Roxy Montauk Classic, an event that includes pro surfers from all over. View the video below, and check out more of Steven Milne's superb music by clicking HERE.    

The instrumental to Eros' excellent track "Heal Each Other" gets used as the background score in this web advert for Patagonia's new M10 Jacket featuring Washington-based alpine climber Colin Haley. Check out more music from Eros by clicking HERE.

The instrumental to Beef Wellington's new track "Gonna Make It" was used to soundtrack this tounge-in-cheek video for Marc Jacobs highlighting Beige, "arguably, the greatest photographer in the history of fashion." Check out other songs from Beef Wellington available to license by clicking HERE.

Patagonia has licensed the instrumental to Scottish songwriter Steven Milne's "Saturdays" for this web advertisement highlighting their Torrentshell rainwear collection. We love Steve's music, so we're thrilled to get him this nice little placement. Be sure to check out more of his wonderful songs by clicking HERE.

More from our friends at etnies, this time showcasing some new shoes doing skate moves. The track used is the instrumental of Eros' amazing track "Heal Each Other." You can listen to the full vocal version by clicking HERE.

Etnies used the fantastic song "Futile" by Kansas City post-rock combo Monta At Odds in this web video. The piece documents rally team driver Tanner Foust testing his Rockstar/etnies Ford Fiesta at Horse Thief Mile road course at Willow Springs Raceway in preparation for the Global Rallycross Championship kickoff at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Have a look:

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