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Monta At Odds Go Surfing In Mexico 8/1/2016

In this new video from Lifeproof Videos, check out professional surfers Rob Machado, Tim Curran, Kalle Carranza and Justin Machado as they embrace 'maximum chilo', the local belief of washing the bad vibes into the sea to live with the crabs. Shot in Mexico, the video features tons of beautiful scenery, great surfing footage, and, in the intro and outro, the music of Monta At Odds. Perhaps appropriately titled "Return Of The Gringo", this evocative track is taken off the band's 2008 album Gringo. You can listen to more tracks from Monta At Odds HERE.

E1sbar's "Du Jour" in Nude Nite Video (NSFW) 1/6/2016

Nude Nite is a annual event held in Orlando and Tampa that focuses on artistic nudes and it's the largest event of its kind in the country. Nude Nite brings together hundreds of artists for three evenings of visual art, performance, and a cast of characters both in costume and out. Before each new show a video teaser is created with highlights from the past year's event. This latest video features the lovely sound of E1sbar's "Du Jour" to accompany footage from the sensual festivity. As may be obvious, this video is probably not safe for work. You can listen to more tracks from E1sbar HERE and you can get more info on Nude Nite HERE.

Flying With Eros and ICARO Paragliders 12/21/2015

ICARO Paragliders has used "Floating In The Clouds" by 8DSync artist Eros in their latest video, which was filmed in the wonderful scenery of Macedonia. The special way that the song has been edited to match the video – including a gusty breakdown just past the midsection – really makes this video come alive. Based here in Orlando, Eros is one of our busiest and most requested artists. Check out more of his available catalog HERE.

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