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Eros "Sugar And Spice"
Album: Angel Eyes EP
Genres: Electronic / Breakbeat, Electronic / Dubstep, Electronic / House Music
Mood: Party / Festive

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  • Eros - "Puzzle Pieces" in a Marc Jacobs VideoFor Marc Jacobs Videos, artist Stephen Powers visits Bookmarc Tokyo to paint murals along the facade and interior of the store. The music in the video is the instrumental to "Puzzle Pieces" by the Orlando-based producer Eros. Check out more music from Eros by clicking HERE.   [ more ]

    Monta At Odds - "Faith" Used In A Video For Quiksilver Eyewear by VuerichCool Kansas CIty band Monta At Odds recent had their groovy tune "Faith" used in this video for Quiksilver Eyewear by Vuerich. We love the atmosphere and how it fits the visuals. We also kind of dig those sunglasses. Check out more music by Monta At Odds by clicking HERE.  [ more ]

    Out Now: Eros - Angel Eyes EPWith a long history since his beginnings in the ‘90s Orlando breaks scene, the producer known as Eros (AKA Eric McGauley) busts forth with the four track Angel Eyes EP for the new 8DSync label. A DJ veteran of the fabled Zen Festival and the early days of the Ultra Music Festival, Eros has seen ... [ more ]

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